IDN Consultores facilitates Coaching Processes for people, team and organizations, our Coaches are trained in different disciplines and specializations, we are passionate about facilitating processes of positive self-transformation and personal and professional growth through Coaching`s methodology, techniques and tools. We have trained proffesionals under the International Association of Coaching (IAC) the 9 Coaching Masteries, the International Coaching Community (ICC) Standards, International Mentoring and Coaching Federation (ICMF) Deontological Code, and International Coaching Federation (ICF) 11 Competences. Among our Coaching programs we have:

  • Life Coaching (Personal Coaching), focuses on facilitating your self-development, growth, expansion and personal transformation processes, an integral process with Coaching’s methodology and tools that will allow you to achieve your personal, professional and family goals.
  • Executive Coaching, It is a process focused on accompanying leaders in organizations to face their challenges within the system in which they move, so  that they can transform learning about themselves, their teams and the system, in results for themselves and for the organization.
  • Organizational Coaching, our Organizational Coaching Program is adapted to each company needs and objectives, we facilitate processes of strengthening and improvement of key areas of the company strategic and organizational management, IDN Consultores model of has an strategic, integral approach for the operational implementation  of concrete action plans in the institution.
  • Coaching for Entrepreneurs, we use Coaching methodology with the Canvas method to facilitate an structured reflection process that allows you to empower your business at the highest level.
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