Our multidisciplinary Consultants Team, International Consultants and allied companies allow us to integrally handle Consulting and Project Management projects in different fields.

Business Management Consulting

IDN Consultores assists companies in their Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, integral development in Human Resources Management, Credit Portfolio Management, Activity Based Costing System, Sales and Commercial Management, development of Training Programs, effective programs created to promote sustained changes in the organization, focused on achieving results that strengthen the organizational culture.

Commercial Banks Consulting

IDN Consultores assists commercial banks in the strengthening of their Corporate Governance, specialization of their Commercial management and Credit Risk for the attention of the Small and Medium Enterprise sector, strengthening the Leadership of their middle managers; in addition, development and improvement of credit products, introduction of credit methodologies and tools for financial analysis, evaluation, portfolio supervision and portfolio recovery.

Microfinance Consulting

IDN Consultores assists Microfinance institutions in strengthening their Corporate Governance, facilitates follow ups on their transformation and regulation processes to supervised entities, and also advises on the implementation of Commercial Strategies and Credit Risk Management for the Micro, Small and Medium Urban sectors, Rural and Agricultural Enterprises, Market Research accompanied by the development of new products and financial services, launch, piloting and introduction.

Projects` Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow Up

IDN Consultores implements processes of monitoring and evaluation of Local and International Organization projects, using the gap analysis methodology that uses as a basis the design, objectives, scope, responsibilities and performance indicators of the project for the construction of an Evaluation Matrix that incorporates the Pillars on which the design of the project and its key variables rest, this allows providing a clear, transparent and effective scheme for evaluating the project both in its intermediate phase to provide inputs that reorient the project’s actions; as well, as in its final stage to know the effectiveness in the scope of the project`s objectives, lessons learned from its development.

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